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ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN | Master Thesis Project | Allotment Garden Berlin | Berlin

The design shows a building that responds to the city's pressure on open spaces by bringing various programmatic entities together and combining their interests:

1. A market hall that is supplied with local products from the nearby vertical farming buildings.

2. A publicly accessible, green roof that offers a view over Berlin in the west and over the “allotment sea” in the east.

3. Various public uses in the towers: Housing, Working, Studying, Leisure

The design therefore follows the idea of the allotment garden in the narrower sense, namely to allow relaxation in the green and self-sufficiency in the immediate vicinity of one's own apartment in the big city and to create additional communal areas for maintaining social contacts.

Student work by: Josefine Kiesewalter

Examiner: Prof. Matthias Karch
Co-examiner: Prof. Dr. Norman Hack
Coachings by: Max Justus Hoven, Philipp Reinfeld & Nicolai Schlapps