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MEDIA DESIGN | The imPerfect form

CNC-milling research-project with the student Fahim Mohammdi. This project explores the generation of a timebased form with a 5-axis-CNC-milling machine. Initial point of the project is the development for a scenography of William Shakespeare's drama 'twelfth night'. The forms are primarily 'early forms': this means, that they are generated 'without an author', only by physical forces like gravity, turbulences, nonlinear deformers et cetera. In each act of the drama, the original form is processualy developed futher to a complex spacial system. The idea is, that this process will never be completed. Every condition of this process is tentative and ephemeral.

The materialisation of one of these forms - it is the space-form for the fifth act in Shakespeare's drama - is realised by a CNC-5-axis-milling-machine.

in cooperation with _Norbert Linda and the CNC-milling lab of the HAWK-Hildesheim. The project s was part of the IMD-exhibition MEDIATUREN in summer 2008 in the Architektur Galerie Berlin

Author: Fahim Mohammadi

Directed by: Prof. Matthias Karch