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MEDIA DESIGN | Continuum Structures

The design class “Continuum Structures” was focussed on the work of the austrian artist Erwin Hauer and his internationally re-known screen-sculptures. Those walls are characterized by their modularity, that is composed out of a single uniform component or brick, that creates the effect of a continual surface.

The resulting structures are difficult to read and understand, in respect to their logic of fabrication, due to their mostly woven materialization. Dependent on the position and the view angle the formal complexity causes a diffuse and irritating picture of how those walls might be manufactured.

Next to its direct fabrication constraints it is also fascinating, to think about Hauers innovative way of envisioning those forms and his approach of drawing and visualizing them.

It is the absence of the computational tools (CAD) and digital fabrication methodology (CNC, 3D-Printing) in Hauers work that makes it even more fascinating and sets him into a unique and visionary position among his coevals during the 1960`s.

Due to its complexity and formal expression, that Hauers sculptural and architectural work, is even from a present-day perspective of a remarkable and an outstanding quality.

It was one of the main course tasks to analyze and understand Hauers way of thinking and to transform it into something contemporary under the utilization of cutting edge digital tools.

Throughout the class the spirit and legacy of Hauer was constantly noticeable and left us with adoration and admiration of how utopian his sculptures were.

Directed by: Daniel Büning