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MEDAIA DESIGN | Wooden Textiles

With the term "digital materiality" the architects Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler describe the interplay of digital and material processes when designing and building. In doing so, data and material, programming and construction are intensively entangled with one another. This enables the synthesis of the usually separately perceived areas of work using digital fabrication. It allows the regulation of the preparatory process of material using draft data. The material is enriched with information; it is "informed".

The goal of the project is to develop new structural and constructive systems, building upon the logic of digital laser cutting. Additionally, common materials are worked on to reveal new and surprising qualities. For example, stiff wood plates can be made bendable using overlapping slits. Or they are transformed into a soft flowing surface, in which they will be divided into small pieces and used on a textile base material.

Directed by: Dr. Carolin Höfler