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MEDAIA DESIGN | Experimental Screen Printing | Mapping

The drawing of maps has always served to create a chart of a place, which could be read and understood by everyone. Using a combination of various drawing systems and the transfer of qualitative and quantitative information, spatial realities as well as chronological aspects can be illustrated. Maps represent movement as well as standstill. They bring different levels of reality together graphically and so become an effective analysis instrument, which makes the various relationships within a space transparent.

The art of mapping is determined by the selection, abstraction and interpretation of the found data set. Excerpts are chosen, scales set, grids drawn and categories created. The cartographer determines what he or she finds worth mentioning and what will be left out. In this way, the map allows a lot of tolerance for individual points of view.

This aspect of the subjective is stressed in the seminar. It is about recognizing the urban environment, to interpret and then map it, so that one’s own view of a city is readable for others. For this, data must be collected, organized and transferred into individual diagram representations and graphic codes, which are able to rearrange the space. With the help of screen printing, the various information levels will be merged and further developed.

Directed by: Katharina Puhle