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Robotic Design Lab | Architectural Narratives

In this seminar, the participants explored the relationship between architecture and society and recognised that architects play a central role in tackling social and political challenges through their work. The built environment serves as a medium to shape behaviour, arouse emotions and promote discourse.

Key questions include:

- How can architects effectively communicate complex social and political issues through their design?
- In what ways can digital methods enrich architectural narratives?

The research focused on the integration of digital production, fabrication techniques, storytelling and modelling to formulate perspectives on social issues.

The aim was to conceptualise, design and execute interactive installations that combine physical models with robotic arms. These installations were intended to engage the audience, convey specific messages and demonstrate the fusion of artistic creativity and technical skill.

The approach encouraged creativity and depth and challenged participants to engage with current issues, develop visually compelling stories and create unique narratives. Using sketches, collages and 3D models, scenarios were designed to guide the thematic exploration. At the same time, we considered the integration of robotic arms and discussed their role, contribution and symbolic representation in our narratives.

The subsequent phase focussed on the development of physical models to embody our narratives. The design of these models evolved organically, adapting the scale and format to the needs of the narrative. At the same time, plans were made for the integration of robotic arms into the installations, whose choreographed interactions would enhance the immersion of the audience.

Concept and directed by Mohammad Reza Abdollahi Bidhendi
Student tutor Paul Hupp
Student work by Alejandro De la Torre Miranda, Eitan Adrián Guzmán Cuéllar, Marvin Boldt,
Laura Leinert, Dion Hook, Qingjing Weng, Leon Döring and Inga Kuxhaus