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FIELD TRIP | Hacking Berlin Teufelsberg

Der Faustsche Pakt auf dem Teufelsberg

In October 2013, the IMD visited the site of the former field station on the Teufelsberg in Berlin. In order to convey the multi-tiered history of the place, a corresponding local approach of the grounds has been planned: View of the ensemble from the observation deck of the bell tower at the Olympic Stadium - walking approach and ascent from the Berlin-Grunewald S-Bahn station - inspection of the grounds and the buildings (Tour by Katharina Beckmann, co-author of the book "Field Station Berlin") - Retrospect of the Teufelsberg from the observation deck from the Grunewald Tower.

Photography by: Philipp Reinfeld and Matthias Karch
Directed by: Philipp Reinfeld with Prof. Matthias Karch