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The 3D program Rhino is the interface of design, planning and production. The program, which is capable of being applied in all scales, offers intuitive methods of Nurbs-modelling and accurate 2D drawing techniques to develop parametric architecture systems without extensive programming knowledge. The interdisciplinary Viennese architect and computer scientist Manfred Herrmann will convey the basics of modeling through a workshop with Rhino as well as an in-depth knowledge of the Parameterizations tool "Grasshopper".

New production techniques and intelligent material systems extend the capabilities of the architecture to adapt to specific environments. These systems act as a modular structure filter of environmental influences. The development of a single module creates an overall system of interconnected parts. Instead of a fixed form a forming-process is designed, in which the material specific properties, design principles, construction and production process are treated equally.

Cooperative project with the Department of Building Construction, TU Braunschweig

Directed by: Stefan Neudecker with Florian Steinbaecher