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MEDAI DESIGN | PanOrama: Everything

The Pedestrian Zone "Porschestraße" in Wolfsburg, converted in 1980, will be divided into 10 working sections between the "Art museum" in the south and "Phæno" in the north. Each student is assigned to one sector, and at least three panoramic-faceted views are to be taken in different places using a camera and tripod. The resulting individual photos are to be joined as a surface; the exposure rationality and junction technique is dependent upon the chosen exposure position and to be explained through a “System Drawing”.

In order to overcome the closure of the individual panoramas, the next step is to use recordings from adjacent exposure positions to develop a more panoramic perspective. The relationships between the individual exposures are to be once again graphically analyzed based on their exposure positions and junction technique.

The system drawing and photo junction form the basis for a spatialization of the processed sector of the Porschestraße. Based on the dependencies between the real place, exposure positions, and junction techniques from the individual photos, a different place emerges from the connections reflected in the representation of the place.

The ten materialized sector reconstructions of the Porschestraße are to be positioned according to their sequence to each other and in end-effect act as a three-dimensional canvas projected from 3 video projectors. In addition to the rear projection of the "original photos", the model lineup can be offset by the activation or the information about their surfaces in different visual states.

Directed by: Philipp Reinfeld