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MEDIA DESIGN | Bachelor Design Project | SCAFFOLDS

How might we collaborate with and learn from non-human entities to form symbiotic relationships that grow architecture rather than assemble it?

Students worked through a three-phase program with chosen organisms (slime mold, plants, funghi or mineral crystals):

1.Familiarization: understanding the organisms, desk-research and information sythesis, documentation of patterns of growth

2.Collaboration: programming patterns of growth, application of findings to physical experiments

3.Speculation: extrapolation beyond the time and physical constraints of the project, design of future applications

Concept/taught by: Carolina Meirelles R. S. Menezes

Student work by:
A_Larissa Müller, Henriette Müller-Scholtz, Greta Sperling, Emilia Walbracht
B_Luisa Empacher, Emma-Sophia Schreiber, Annika Ellrott, Inke Riebesehl
C_Lennard Schumch, Robert Sievert, Victoria Walter
D_Hans Kyaw Lat, Alwin Foerstner, Marie Kruse
E_Jannes Gomolla, Josephine Weigand, Elisabeth Gerdiken Blobs.jpg Finale-4.jpg Finale-42.jpg Finale-5.jpg